We’re not really strangers: Papa Jake

Artwork by Yenner

Homegrown Maryland artist from County Garrett and beyond talented Alex Sherwood is the newest up and coming to reach Yenner ears! At such a young age to have the vision and attention to detail is what’s growing his base and steadily raising his profile.

Starting as young as 12 when he created his first band he has not only produced , written and sang his own music but created 6 albums in total thus far!

Artwork by Yenner

His style and genre can be that of indie pop these days , and it first right up there with the regular chart toppers with the teens and summer antics.

His music is upbeat, melancholic and for any age I’d say. Dreamy for the young and nostalgic for the old. The way music was intended I believe.

His new and latest release “Strangers” has already been released and will be one of a collection of tracks from his newest album “we’re not really strangers” due to be released later this year. It will be this rising stars 7th achievement in music.

How can someone so young has such a collection at hand? Well based on work ethic alone churning out 1-3 songs a day on average aswell as his collaborative works with various artists Alex (Papa Jake) has mastered what it is to be current and always fresh.

It’s clear that music is his life and he lives and breathes every lyric aswell as structure of a song. Pin pointing both the emotional side and catchy rhythm along with it.

Artwork for latest single “strangers” by Mystical Records.

I’m glad I’ve had my attention opened to Papa Jake as I think that in time his name will be throughout the industry. Because if his progress is anything to go by it’s really only a matter of time until we see him everywhere.

If you’d like to know more about Papa Jake you can check out all his links below aswell as his latest single.

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