Cold Heaven

Cold Heaven members

Hot as Hell ? No you mean ‘Cold as Heaven’. If your looking for fresh bands with an eye for detail, substance , journeys and a ticket to transcendence the they are the guys.

Forming in late 00s in New York and deriving their band name from a ‘Yeats’ poem where he described Manchester as ‘Cold Heaven’ .

This collective of talent and profound skill have a few singles from as early as 2013 with ‘Between Conversation’ and ‘Silence.’

However it has been they’re impact from 2020 and indeed this year 2021 that has everyone talking about who these guys are and how…HOW? have we missed them!

Their Instrumental album ‘ Atmospheres’ and Ep ‘Slow the Drought.’ Dropped last year and they have not only reintroduced us to past time era nostalgia but have gained a new perspective of contemporary modifications along the way.

With echo guitar from the 80s and rhythmic leads by both guitarists Kyle Hornebeck and Jeffrey Paggi. Synth and dream sequences to transport you on keyboard by Stephen Karlsen. Drum beats to have you slowly slip into meditations by Dan Miccio. The musicality and construction of each song and piece is incredible.

Along with this you have the overwhelming conscientious and masterful lyricist and vocalist Mitchell Flanagan who’s tone and rhythm supports and flows effortlessly into Cold Heavens ethereal creations.

Their latest release though, is one to sink your teeth into.

Channels – new single release

‘Unraveled’ has over 11 tracks of pure bliss and with their first track ‘Channels’ being a great success, there’s no doubt that the album will follow also after being dropped 9th on July this month.

For me there are 3 favourites already to watch and keep your eye on ‘Brightness Falls’, ‘Dance Springs’ and ‘ Sounds’. Which is basically first track, middle track and the finale. Now the album as a whole has to be listened to from start to finish because it such a journey and it’s worth the ride. But for me personally these tracks show all of the artists talent , nods to influences like ‘Interpol’, ‘ New Order’ and I even detected some ‘U2’ 90s euphoria in there also.

Without a doubt A strong and cohesive musical Collective and ‘Unraveled’ will be one to note for the band itself.

Lead Singer Flanagan quoted as saying “ We can make this world what we want it to be.” Is a great reflection of the mindset in what the band are trying to achieve in terms of creating what they want and how they want, which in my view is what music should be and not some clickbate social media hashtag!

A great way of watching them showcase this is with there coinciding music video directed by Steve Leach. It’s haunting depictions and moody atmosphere gives you their precise point of both their personality and sound as a band.

If I were you I’d check them out and enjoy this quality rendition of atmospheric music. You can follow them on all they’re platforms and watch their new music video below.

Thanks for reading

And remember “FEEL IT, FEED IT!”


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