Ships in the Night – Notora

Ships in the night – artwork by YENNER

We are now a year and a half in to witnessing the growth and the epic journey that is Notora , now if you don’t know by now who they are I’m not gonna dwell on the bio , but u can however find both articles of their intro and reviews Here & Here (you’re welcome) .

Now I’ve been privileged to witness the evolution of many artists since I started my journey in music and curating playlists. But it all started with Notora. It was the bands ability to give quality sound and effortless lyrics that drew me in and I’ve been hooked ever since.

And their new track “Ships at Night” is without exception.

Having already replayed it countless times , I can honestly say , this is an epic masterpiece. Being from an indie old School background. Those of you that are inclined to get down and heavy with Arctic monkeys and the likes will feel totally at home and in complete audio bliss with this one.

Notora – playing their first gig on their home turf

Blasts of guitar riffs , huge build ups and drum smashes that reels the eardrums and with Dylan’s (lead singer ) haunting vocals and strong holds to boot it instantly yells hit!

Along with the classic instrumentals we also get a cool blend of electronic build ups mixed in also which makes it hardcore and contemporary which is just genius.

It’s definitely a major contender and I really hope with every particle it gets the justice and honor it deserves in terms of breakthroughs!

Notora doing what they do best

Notora are masters in the craft and each member have their own unique style and understand completely how to be cohesive and in sync with each other. They just…get it.

And when you have a band that just click then what happens is magic. Pure raw, talented magic.

The new track will drop Sunday 5th of December and I can’t wait to see where it takes north West band and what chapter lies in store for them next.

Normally I would give you a sneak peak but I feel I’d be doing these guys a disservice and the listener as it’s one for you to feast on come December.

Keep your ears pricked and bate your breath, Ships in the night is gonna be one to remember from Notora.

Ships in the night – Notora

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