KS – Forget about you, Forget about us

Artwork by Yenner -KS profile

Sometimes we need , clean honest and rhythmic vibes. Take us back to the early 00s get some toned lights and atmospheric surroundings and listen to good talented Rnb.

KS is a well stated artist who’s background tracks back to 4th grade starting his recordings in the industry as early as 2011.

His smooth style and construction of tracks and detail make his music both nostalgic and yet refreshing to hear. His latest Album ‘FayFau’(Forget about you Forget about us) .

Has all the elements of a quality story told journey and with it comes great features by other talented artists and musicians.

Album cover of ‘FayFau’

Released August of last year and with 12 Fully fledged tracks. Each one provides us with symbolic lyrics , vibing feels and pop trips.

This is no surprise from the artist as he has already been on iTunes top pop albums chart rankings and has worked with some of the top promoters and artists in the field with links to Boyz Madison Alamia and Spikey Mikey from Tobeone and Troy Carter an earlier manager of Lady GaGas.

So this is an artist who knows his craft and how to form and produce a track.

KS performing live.

If we take a look into the talents before and during the release of his new Album. Tracks like ‘A Million miles’ (2019)and ‘Body Talk’ which toured across America. KS is stamping his foundation in and to be honest thankgod. With so many of these wannabe rappers going around it’s about time we focused on talent rather than clickbait. Bring back the Neyos and 50cents of the world. I mean who doesn’t hear some Nelly and instantly get the feels.

KS not only gives us every inch of this longing for good Rnb but also manifests some amazing bars and contemporary music along with it keeping it contemporary in todays industry which is clever and important. I could definitely see almost all tracks being a viral TikTok sea Saturn in todays world.

So for young ,adult and the classics , get you some of this Artist in your playlists and radio broadcasts and not miss what he has to offer.

You can find all repeated links to KS music in the links below .

It’s been a pleasure getting back to reviewing talented artists and I thank each of you for supporting them all and my website.

As always

Remember to FEEL IT , FEED IT


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