the Yenner design
notoras single cover of their own

The Yenner is an absoloute pleasure to work with. We got in touch hoping to get a short review on a recent single of ours. They got back in touch promptly and asked us for more information about our whole past as a band. The Review ended up being so in depth and dived into not only the single, but our past music and history as a band.

It really meant alot to us that The Yenner went above and beyond, and to top it off they also surpirsed us with an orginal and exclusive piece of art using our style an dlogos for the write up. Its not often you meet crtics or promotors in the industry that clearly have a genuine passion for what they do and it shows.



The Yenner cover design

We were super excited to get reviewed by The Yenner. All the acts reviewed here are awesome and its very cool to be in good company.The artwork is amazing also and we gets lots of people admiring and asking about it. Such a great site!