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It’s been over a Year since YENNER released his first club single “Jungle Juice.” Followed by a full 12 track Album , 7 Singles and 2 collaborations.

Since starting the pursuit of music we’ve moved from phase to phase watching communities surrounding Yenner music grow. With additions like YNR play listing and social media platforms and support from other likeminded artists Yenner has taken all inspiration and built it throughout 2021 to help create this new instrumental / Soundtrack album.

Wondering what will become of the world like the rest of us it was time to clash both music and the human experience together and touch upon humanity in all its form. Set to a deep house baseline of course.

So without further a do , here is the track listing and a brief bio into what has made this 8 month project come to fruition !


Single cover by Yenner

Released this October Twisted was part of a preview EP introduction along with track “Times up” . Both dark , creepy and “twisted”. It is a perfect pre-cursor to the Album and displays perfectly the darker side to us all. Haunting Laughter and carnival ghosts makes this the perfect opener.


Single cover by Yenner

Big Bass , 80s Synth and Vapor/Dark-wave energy this one. I wanted to blend both what I started with and what I’ve learnt and blend it together to bring something to the table that achieves the feels for aesthetic. The Dark kind.

I wanted all my tracks to have an echo of a post-apocalyptic world and how music may sound or feel to people who are “left behind” so to speak.

This is the second track which is a glimpse of the start of a harsh journey. Inspired heavily by the synth wave genre but wanted my own down tempo with a much darker tone to it.


Single cover by Yenner

Trap, Hip-hop, and 808s are impactful and continue the heavy hitting theme of this radioactive world we delve into here.

The title Embellishes all the hard hitting noise this track brings. If your a fan of the heavy trap and some trippy vox then this is the track for you.

4.Beyond the Dawn

Originally titled ‘Himalayans’ this track was released on SoundCloud as early as December of 2020 shortly after my first album. But it never felt right or blend into any of my projects at the time . Filled with both hopeful lifts in melody and yet sorrowful nostalgic elements. Beyond the Dawn fits whichever view and feeling you want to portray on it. For me I felt both and it was this that brought me to change the name and also add it to this album. A rebrand if you will.

5.When We Go

Traveling through this journey of a lost world I wanted some tracks to pin point certain parts of a storyline. Starting with the dark journeying through the hell , finding hope. This track represents escaping.

Humanity realizing there’s a way out. With all the talk of leaving our own planet if anything we’re to happen and this dystopian idea of life on another planet is what lead me to this haunting vocal and instrumental mix of plucky chords.

Contemporary and has lots of potential this one.

6.Gen Alpha

With the previous escape enters a new generation that grows and what better than a lullaby type playful tune to tie into the mix.

Lo-if inspired along with newer experimentations in Asmr sounds. It’s both relaxing and an easy listen.


One of 3 tracks that holds both a melody and a message. I felt that the innocence of this song can be taken into a different context. Like everyone’s opinion of Facebooks change to “meta” . Many peoples belief and running commentary about a virtual lifestyle is much like this song. Innocent at first with light bell notes but has a darker undercurrent that can be almost hypnotizing.


Single cover by Yenner

The second form of opinion and expression is this climate change and global debate that continues today and most likely into our futures. That’s is if we have a future.

With edits and clips from Greta Thunberg’s speeches and poignant words. I like how it is impactful, informational and still easy to listen to and blend into the story of humanity and perhaps our downfall for future generations.

I’m not always a fan of putting art and message together but it has been the strongest advocate for change throughout the generations. So with a post apocalyptic album I would be doing both listeners and myself a disservice if I didn’t show what my thoughts are on current issues.

Personally this is one of my favorites throughout the album.

9. Duck & Cover

With Change good or bad , comes the reminder of past era and human mistakes and nothing better for our current issues than an older broadcast for nuclear attacks.

I love this track as it had been lying around in the old experimental archives for ages. I could never seem to find anything to fit it’s multi layered Melodie’s and orchestral vibes until I came across another artist who had done similar work blending radio recordings into their work.

In fact a lot of artists recently have done so. Even Adele’s New Album 30 has this aesthetic and Billie Eilish is renowned for it.

Already having been play-listed in 3 radio stations I feel that this track may do more than I even felt it could and to be honest is a heavy reminder to us all what could happen. Especially with a pandemic anything is possible.

10. Glorious

Now that we’ve reached the hump of the album and indeed the Nuclear interlude. This next one follows it with gentle nostalgic dystopian music.

Thinking bigger than the race and all it’s issues and into what is essentially the albums intention. A thought so vast it’s almost “glorious” .

Both down tempo and styling guitar solos it’s got the aesthetic and feels every time I hear it and I hope it brings the same to you also.


A continuation on succession for change. Both melody and atmospheric sounds are what I have tended to gravitate towards with my own expression in music and I feel that that is what this song represents. That under all that gritty bass and deep house EDM is a beautiful piece of music just waiting to flourish.

Single artwork by Yenner


Canvas by Yenner

Destruction, poverty and how we get here is all a far off delusion to some people but to many it’s real. With the news constant battering and the earth crumbling at our feet, it’s an easy thing to detach ourselves from reality.

Hence why I pursued my career in music because it’s an escape.

However it’s been a pressure cooker for most and this is what led me to both this track and Albums title “Disassociation” it combines all thoughts, emotions perfectly and I feel this soundtrack does it justice.

13. Times Up!

Although this track was produced during the late summer of this year. It was this sound both haunting and energetic that set me on the journey and theme for this album. With this strange mad max visual popping in my head every-time I listened to it.

It’s a crescendo and climax to the album and it sums up the entire story I hope I’ve been able to explain entirely through music and dialogue.

Disassociation is available on all platforms and be sure to follow YENNER on every platform you can find ! It’ll be worth it . I promise.

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