A SagaCity adventure – The Auduo

Well they said they would and they haven’t disappointed! the Auduo are on their way with this classic hip/hop melodic masterpiece. Written and created throughout various intervals and designed into one collective ‘Saga City’ will be one of clever lyrics , cool vibing rhythm and catchy hooks throughout!

Already having reviewed one of their singles previously also to be featured on this album. When I heard their track ‘Baby I’ I knew that this sibling convention would have their day in the sun.

Noting inspirations from Rnb artists like Chris Brown and the likes, they’ve brought a story telling of love to the forefront and also gave us their distinctive harmonies and beats to match.

For those of you unfamiliar with their work you can find my previous review here.

Here is the track listing for their up and coming Album:

  • 1-Late Night/Early Morning
  • 2-Levitate
  • 3-Heat
  • 4-Karma is a bee
  • 5-Baby I
  • 6-Turn Up the Music
  • 7.I got Time
  • 8-Refill

Having already listened to the album some honorable mentions to keep your eyes on would be my top favs, “Heat”, “Turn up the Music” and “Levitate”.

Each of this differ in style but stand alone as singles also which is what really incorporates a good mastered album. Its fun, It’s meaningful , it’s good. what more could you ask for.

“Saga City” is due to release Today so be sure to follow all social media and share the warm feels with this Duo ! …ahem….the Auduo ! (I do apologise)

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