Anniversary of Yen

Well guys , we’ve only gone as done it , a whole year !!

I will start of by saying a huge Thankyou to every single person and contributor that I’ve been so happy and humbled to work with since this time last year.

From Artwork and design companies, cover art for albums and the blogosphere world that invited me in with open arms.

For those who’ve been here from the beginning the change of vision to what this creation was, to what it has become is astronomical for me personally. A simple platform to spread my thoughts and creativity to now a Music review and Artist platform moving from strength to strength!

Various phases this site has seen already from Vaporwave , 80s aesthetics to French Noir . Horror spooktacular trivia’s, to the Indie fest and underground sounds of today .CRAZY!

It’s been a journey for sure and it’s a blessing. A silver lining for me since the darkness took over the world last March. There’s a lot to be said for having ‘me’ time especially now that the cogs are turning once again in the real world.

Many of you have had strife and loss this past year. Some of you like myself have gained perspective on what matters most to you. Others have strived to do what they are passionate about. It’s been a reset for mankind in totality really.

During this time I also passed the milestone of turning 30 which even though it was in the time of a pandemic only strengthened my resolve in who I am and what I want to do both in life and creatively.

My journey into expressing ‘yen’ has gone far beyond what I expected. It has made me realise just what I am capable of when the chips are down and really what I’ve kept locked down for so many years ( to coin a phrase 😉) .

The biggest revelation was indeed not only my passion for music but my hunger to create my own. I’ve had to work and self teach most of what I have learnt for the past 6 months since starting music. To be honest I had no idea how much it involved behind the scenes. It’s not only an art form but it takes real perseverance and patience . Two things which I don’t have a lot of.

However upon releasing my first ‘demo’ album ‘VISIONS’ was exactly what its called.A vision to what I could see and also where I wanted to go.

Through social media , collaborations and learning from other experienced artists I’ve had the honor of working with it’s been amazing.

One experience springs to mind happened only last month as I sat out in my garden. Summer breeze and sunshine whilst listening to a piece of music, not only had I the idea of but with help from an experienced musician had grown it into fruition.

The overwhelming sensation of tears and happiness filled my being with what had been achieved and how a small town guy like me now had an album and 5 EPS on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

First single release

A decade ago for someone like to me to think I’d have music anywhere and with my own vocals would have been impossible.Yet with technology and so many options available to create and master your own art it is and I am so,so,SO thankful for it.

It’s not only freed my inner turmoil in parts of expression but it has fed the parts of me that where always searching for something that could have been filled easily with bad life choices like I had been doing years before.

I could focus better, gain perspective and grow my confidence and my intuition both on the creative aspect and in my personal life. There’s something to be said in letting Art do the talking.

Of course like everything I had my fingers in lots of pies creatively and as life resumes normality , choices had to be made on what to focus on in regards to blogs , artwork and music. I have all options open if I ever want to peruse or express what I’m feeling or want to do.

Music however has taken the forefront as I feel most at home here. The community and even my own streaming networks and playlists (YNR)have allowed me to meet and get to know some of the most creative and fascinating people from across the globe which is insane and awesome!

There support guidance and appreciation of my own work has created something very close and dear to my heart and it’s great to finally feel like I’m being heard from a tribe that gets it.

In other areas of Yenner origins I’ve both created designs for bespoke companies and sold some to gallery’s in the United States which is mind blowing as it’s usually just me creating something in the small hours with my little phone. But years of me editing and using all kinds of photo editing has allowed me to gain experience without me even knowing I had any but now I know.

For the future….I have no idea and I like it that way it keeps things fresh and interesting.

I’d like to have a new album released later in the summer and I have it in the works, as-well as some amazing collaborations, but for the most part I’m taking a break and reflecting on this epic year since creating

At present however I have my latest single ‘Crashed’ which released last month which is moving from strength to strength both online and on radio .Aswell as another new single and collaboration to drop next month with a slightly different style to what im used to but im in love with it.

So if there is anyone who is new to my site, welcome and it’s about time! Go check out the last years journey . The people, art and podcasts. Have a listen to my music and emerge yourself in some yen and say hi 👋🏻

If you’re also thinking of creating your own site, music or art etc my advice, just do it stop complaining. Nobody has enough time! So use what there is and fill it with what you love ❤️ or if you want to fill it with Art other people have created then fill that spot with some ‘Yen’ 😉

It’s been an inspiring , eye opening year guys and no matter what comes and goes, be true to you and what you love and everything else will follow.

THANKYOU from my cold little heart 💜


and remember


‘crashed’ release music video featuring Mirandaclare.
  • You can also get your YEN MERCH HERE or HERE .

One of 11 tracks from YENNERS album ‘VISIONS’

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