The Auduo – Do The Dance!

Sharon & Abishek – The Auduo

I have had the privileged of knowing this odd duo…sorry I mean The Auduo 😉, for sometime now. Having heard their tracks play on YNR Stream and other playlists and needless to say they bring a smile to my face when I hear their newest singles.

Upbeat, high spirited and beautifully written, this Sibling duo from New Delhi are packing energetic punches within the music world.

With their latest release “Do the Dance” they have yet again created a Disco era track to add to our playlist collections.

Starting as young as 8 & 10, both Sharon (22) and Abhishek (20) have grown in their skill and talent through music. Sharon mastering the skill of song writing and composing and Abhishek skillfully playing multi instruments ie, Guitar,drums,tabla,conga,keyboard and his blissful vocals.

Only recently sharing there singles as early as last year it’s a breath of fresh air to have a duo that’s got energy, creativity and are multi faceted in their craft. Through this time they’ve grew popularity through their own hard work and promoting. Similar to myself a lot of their music has been mixed and mastered by themselves along with their tracks being recorded from home.

“Wake up to your love” single cover (available on all streaming platforms)

And that what adds the extra layer to these guys, they’ve got a flare about them even going through they’re socials and singles on Spotify , they have that unique spark that immediately you can tell they have star quality. Even being featured in Rolling Stone India and Cans Headphones.

The Auduo – “Ride” cover

I’m inspired by there drive and vision even from the early stages of music, but how they have managed to rise into their own with their own sound and genre. They wanted it to not fit a category or certain criteria and in their words be as “Aud” as they are.

In listening to their singles I can only hope that they will bring a forthcoming album which I believe is in the plans at the moment. But I also hope that this rising duo reach amazing heights because if this is them just starting from last year , then there’s even greater growth and music to be made in the next !

The Auduo

I would definitly check these talented artists and be sure to follow they’re every move because under the right shine of light they will catch fire and take off !

You can check out their latest release “Do the Dance” as well as they’re other collections from 2020 and 2021. Check out their platforms also and become a Fan of “The Auduo” I know I definitely am.

Latest release – Do The Dance (available on all streaming platforms)

The Auduo Social links below

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