Vacantly Occupied – Kippysmuse

Cover of single “Vacantly Occupied” by Kippysmuse

Another classic track from a well versed artist. Coming from a longly awaited Album due to drop this Autumn “Free From Form”.

This latest track is perfect for the summer season. After this past year it’s important to reflect and take note on the curiosities in life and your surrounding and “Vacantly Occupied” fulfills all aspects of this notion.

Kippysmuse is such a unique artist from Northern Ireland and original in his own self artistry. You can see previous introductions on the Singer and musician HERE.

His talent to provoke true emotion and poetic nature inside his lyrics and instrumentals is non parallel. With this track first thing I noticed is it’s slight nods to 70s Honky Tonk rhythms along with early notes of Bob Dylan with Kippysmuses rolling voice blending perfectly in sync to the music.

It’s beautifully written , constructed and upbeat.

Produced and mastered by Phil d’Alton along with Matt O’Neill on drums and percussion.We are brought through a almost dreamlike, psychedelic track with Kippysmuse leading you through nods to human nature and curiosities in his singing.

Having heard previous tracks like “Emptiness Alive” and “Free From Form” I get excited to hear what the artist creates next and how different or unconfirmed it is. I love when artists change and yet stay completely themselves within different genres and rhythmic journeys.

‘Vacantly occupied’ is due to be released 9th July and you can now pre-save the Track HERE

There will also be an accompanying music video to boot filmed and edited by Steven Fleming form Web’D Media.

Almost starting the written 2 years ago both in studio and at home during lockdown it has all the great qualities of a well defined song and you’ll find yourself tapping your feet and humming it’s tune for days!

With each track released , increases your want for the Vinyl Album later this year.

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