Darling Coils – WINTER album

Winter – Darling Coils

If your a person who likes to swim in the pools of digital realities and distorted dreamlands and need some music to match your glitching…then this artist is your dream come true.

Originally from Charlotte and now based in Passaic New Jersey, this artists knows all the tricks and mixes to send you into a vapored vortex.

Writing, recording, mixing and mastering aswell as producing their own tracks Matt Reinheimer is as unique as they come.

Flowing with talent and experimentation this multi instrumentalist knows how to co-ordinate the music, sounds and tones to create that perfect mix. Working for over a decade with Savr music and inspired by the early hardcore/ indie alt scene grown in charlotte during the early 00’s it has blossomed into this glitch sensation ‘WINTER’ the latest Album to be released by Darling coils.

It varies form genre to genre but combined it flows perfectly. By using old loops and tracks of past projects with this new approach has created something so different and edgy to combine with today’s movements of wave like energy.

Other bands that have influenced his work are bands such as, Micachu and the shapes, Cocteau Twins, The Misfits, Throbbing gristle, J.Dilla and Bob Dylan.

You can definitely see all of these combinations in both the artists vocals and overall tone of this deep based album.

Tracks have been released on Spotify after the latest finishing touches where done in August.

Album art ,Darling Coils – The Yenner

Now the ‘ WINTER’ album and its tracks lets get to it shall we.

My favourite from the album would have to be ‘Gust’, ‘Nightmares and Daydreams’ and ‘Predestined Shadows.’

These songs are not only well orchestrated but sound wise are just vibes all the way, from beach indie in ‘Gust’ for those summer blues to Nirvana , Biffy Clyro type grunge enveloped into ‘Predestined Shadows ’.

Especially this track as I think it highlights exactly how this master mixer and created has managed to converge two extreme genres into one creating a one of kind sound.

I’ve found myself growing more and more into this type of sound especially when creating edits etc as it becomes almost at atmospheric aesthetic and his other tracks have such glitch and digitalization intergraded into his sound it’s euphoric!

Snippet from Like a Worm

Other tracks worth noting with this glitch genre are ‘Casting spells’, ‘Like a worm’, ‘Stolen Hearts’ and ‘ Wishy Washy’. To name just some of the amazing tracks produced.

Snippet of Stolen Hearts

For those who seek mainstream there really only are a handful that could be classed as that and they are just as good as the rest but to be honest you’d be missing the point with this Artist.

Snippet from Nightmares and Daydreams

The album is more self discovery and expressionism and that’s the best kind! For creativity flowing through your veins and a sense of yearning in your heart Darling Coils contains this for sure. Adding this guy to my playlist immediately and I hope to hear a lot more soon. Go and grab yourself some Yen and listen to Darling Coils on all music platforms (links below).

Now go forth, fellow Yenner and grow!

Feel it. Feed it.

The Yenner 📠

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