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I’m always looking and searching for new artists and sounds to stimulate and awaken the eardrums and was presented with this talented artist by Savr music.

Matt Wilson, who is the man behind the music is not only a solo artist. He has written produced and created the music and mixes that dwell within his symphonic pieces.

Soon to be releasing his newest album ‘Swell’ Sept 15th of this year, with a new feel and sound, HNY WLSN has produced something that captures both sound and emotion in an effortless way.

Before I crack on with the review of this latest soul searcher let’s delve into the background for a moment.

Matt himself is a charlotte native, born and raised and has been involved in various projects and bands throughout the years. His inspirations that have helped him grow in music have been mostly southern American based for eg. Toro y Moi, Outkast etc.

Now coming into the next decade he has evolved into what once was the underground synth music scene. However we can forget the conformity of the synth movement for this artist as I do believe this guy isn’t about the run of the mill genre naming. It’s evident in his symphonic collaborations with NC artists like Matt Reinheimmer from Darling Coils and Savr Music , HNY WLSN is not only giving us synth but so much more.

Swell by HNY WLSN (album cover)

This Album ‘Swell’ holds 9 tracks, each individually soulful as well as blending collectively as an entire piece. The title is a perfect description after listening to this album. A swell of sensations and emotion.

After listening to each track I was struck by that sensation of emotion and yearning inside. And that leagues in gentlemen is what a good artists and album should encapsulate right off the mark.

With gritty vinyl undercurrents supplied with haunting type vocals and sharp snaps of snare and soothing tones all in one album, we are set for an experience of both soft and dreamlike melodies.

Taken from Savr music Instagram page – album snippet ‘Swell’

When doing synth it’s not only important to use the same instrumentals and mixes to set the scene for listeners but also try to maintain the unique vintage quality in order to enforce that ghost yearning for a time that once was. HNY WLSN has not only managed to effortlessly blend synth into sultry cruise tones but has grasped the essential need for feeling and emotion throughout this album.

It has all the emotions of an end of summer release. Such track titles like ‘Print’, ‘Slumlord Lounge’ and ‘Wilmore Drive’ express this sandy cool vibe and help sensationalize and set the scene with your imagination.

Others tracks like, ‘Sign’, ‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘Room of Forgetting’ hold 80s synth bliss with that electric night feel and bleeding fade ins with cool dips and dreamy sequences to keep you enthralled.

Sign – HNY WLSN single

Overall HNY WLSN have made their mark in my playlist and after you’ve played this album you’ll be adding it to your own and for some maybe repetition. I’ve found myself already listening to one of their tracks over and over again whilst creating and it’s perfection both in sound and for feeding the yen.

If you haven’t heard of HNY WLSN until now then why not click on the links below and get ready for the Sept 15th release of their album ‘Swell’ and show your support, even find yourself a new fan.

Thankyou for reading

And before I go…always search for Yen…Feel it.Feed it.

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