Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures : I’ve been there.

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If you are an Indie, Rock, Soundscape,Lo-if,Blues,Soul or any other type of enthusiast. Stop what you are doing and pay attention!

Already laying the ground for other bands to step up their game, are these giants in the making. Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures.

Why the name? well what started off as a in-joke for early recordings by soloist Jon Cross, As the singer networked and grew in his work, so did the 5-6 piece band it has now become and the name just stuck.

Jon Cross – creator of Misc Plumbing Fixtures

It’s a fitting title for this particular band in a sense that their music, lyrics and composing of all their tracks are separate fixtures and yet put together, produces something beautiful and almost poetic in its format.

Led by multi- instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Jon Cross. His years of collaborating with various artists and finding like minded people who just wanted to have fun, led to other members such as Hilde Heynickx both Vocalist and Flute. Jonny Cole(Horn and piano player aswell and mixing)Jay Mayo(Guitar&Vocal)Nick Consol(Painist,Keyboard) and Greg Singh(producer,synth,bass and mixing)

Album Cover – I’ve been there

The new album ‘I’ve been there’ was released this year and what an album it is. I can honestly say I haven’t heard such a well composed, orchestrated and lyrical masterpiece such as this one since Beautiful south in the early 00s. It has everything from the blended duets of Jon and Hilde to the eclectic and masterful guitar solos. And each song is unique and offers different styles, compositions and skill , just like the artists that created it.

When I was told that the band all began from one singer and his hobby I have to admit seeing and listening to what the collective has become is awe inspiring and just shows what passion for something you do can lead to when it’s leaned into.

Jon Cross – creator of Misc Plumbing Fixtures

With 12 tracks to sink your teeth into, and Bonus tracks and remixes to shake things up. It’s an album that will stay in your favourites for years to come.

My favorites, if I had to choose would be ‘Holding Pattern’ and ‘Superimposed Stars’. I don’t know why they call out to me but there’s something about them picks at the soul. Being a rock n roll , blues and soul guy ‘Holding Patterns’ hits the spot with its Brass leads, early 70’s guitar instrumentals and Jon and Hildes duet perfection.

Album Back cover design by YENNER

‘Superimposed Stars’ stands out for a different reason in that it’s style and orchestration is unique with its Japanese Instrumentals however maintaining the bands aesthetics throughout. I fell in love quite frankly.

Other tracks that stood out for me where titles such as ‘Underdog Story’, ‘Come along’ and ‘Rust Over’. All giving you that essential Big band experience.

Not only are we offered good time records here but quality well written lyrics that pack intent, emotion and message. Which any good music loving fan worth their salt!…would love.

They offer up softer , toned simplistic melodies also to help break up the album which I find not only shows initiative but skilled and professional musicians at play. Knowing their audience whilst creating new ways of expressing music. ‘Pigeonhole me’ and ‘Anchor lost’ are examples of this. Hints of Christine Mac Vie echoes in Hildes vocals throughout this track and it has such heart and soul which is a compliment to the artist talent and ability to draw you in with her. A skill not many can do by the way.

Now I could go on with this list but i feel the band deserve more than a whole play out of their track list. So if you are curious or in need of some good fashioned music then check out all of the album Here.(Spotify)

You can also reach them on Bandcamp,Instagram,Twitter and Facebook. To keep up to date with all Content and new releases for the future.

You’ll find yourself a new born Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures Fan. You can also check out their own website at miscplumbfix.com

As always thanks for reading this review

And keep inspiring, expressing and recording!

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