Diabology – Defy ! create and THRASH!

Metal band Thrash and its members Jesse,Jack,Joseph and Matthew

This Freshly discovered band from Los Angeles are catching waves in the metal industry right now. From featuring on Kerrangs American Excess playlist on Spotify (placing top). To magazine feature and radio plays across the country.

With their new sub-genre of what they like to call ‘Thrash’ metal (a mixture of 80s hard rock and modern heavy metal) they have certainly made their mark and intend to stay.

Their Album/Lp ‘Nobody Believes Me’ gained notoriety throughout Los Angeles and quickly caused a stir. Their track ‘Defiling Innocents’ charted it’s way up kerrangs playlists and the band found themselves at the forefront of Metal.

Members Jesse Bergen(guitarist &vocalist), Jack Kleinman(guitarist), Joseph Mazisyuk(bass) and Matthew Morales (drummer) began in early years in the Rock school circuit.

Bored with the status quo of the concept they decided to break out and form themselves with their own style and metal genre. And a good idea it was too.

Mixed with their own creative riffs, Shrills and busting beat you can detect those that led the way for bands such as these and many that inspired The creation of Diabology. Bands like Metallica , Trivium,Megadeth, Mastodon etc .

For me I can even detect some Korn , System of a Down and Slipknot. Many would argue that these are all different sub-genres and perhaps they are but one always influences the other and these guys have taken it to another level keeping the same distinct qualities of Heavy Metal whilst staying fresh and new to younger listeners.

If your already a metal head but aren’t aware of Diabology then check them out on all their links below

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