Andrew Healey: The Sun Is Up

Artwork cover – by YENNER

I can think of no better way to open a new season and beginning spring 2021 with an upbeat, light noted track to start my mornings. ‘The Sun is Up’ is the new recording from artist and multi- musician Andrew Healey.

Due to release March 1st across all streaming platforms it’s currently attainable via Bandcamp for first listeners.

It’s a seamless wonder with many nods to those that influenced the artist from a young age eg. The Beatles , Fleetwood Mac or The Eagles to name a few.

At the age of 14 Healey picked up his first guitar like many others before him and became an instant lover of the industry. Dabbling in bands on and off from the age of 18 until finally delving into an original group armed with his electric guitar when he was 22.

It’s his originality to music and lyrics that drive him forward in his pursuit of happiness. Not being a major fan of the massive mixes and mastering that happens within studios today, the artist opted for the stripped down ‘live recording’ versions . This is a beautiful form of making music and one that is becoming lost in the steam engine of Music itself.

Coming 01/03/21

Not only is this easy-go track original and written by the artist but his multi-skill in instrumentals are present with harmonica,guitar,bongos,ukulele and drums all being played and recorded by him whilst being produced by Dave Rhodes productions.

Like most underground musicians the world of music can go in waves and his success has came as such with his first band in his early 20s which after 5 years broke up and so he resumed normal life working in the retail world. Until coming back with two EPs later.(more on this below) .

Like all of us this past year has given a new drive and plenty of time to dig deep and think what our passions are and finally being able to explore and express it in all forms, Andrew and managed to bring back his original flare for song writing and this release will bring a smile to many of those in need of it after everything.

EPS Urban Songs

Healey has released previous work in 2007 and subsequent EPS there after such as ‘ Urban Songs’ and ‘Today’s a beautiful day’(2009).But being back from hiatus he is ready to start fresh and start positive.

Ep Today is a beautiful day

This has led to the release of ‘The Sun is Up’ coming this March along with 5 other new EPS heading our way. So it’s best to keep up to date with this artist on all platforms so as not to lose out on their next adventure.

You can find all the links below so make sure to follow and support and get a ‘spring in your step this season , it’s definitely time for positivity and Andrew Healey will deliver.

Links for Healey’s music

You can also find all the artists contact details and body of work in total on this website (click here)

Once again thankyou for reading

And remember …FEEL IT, FEED IT!


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