Alan Morrissey : Creative Block

Artist Artwork – By Yenner

Ok guys get ready for the Renaissance of Rock in the making.It’s pure ,It’s classic and it’s Alan Morrissey. The only question I have is ‘where has he been hiding?

For years I myself have searched for musician who can play like a rockstar and yet do so effortlessly.Then he appears like a Goliath in the mist. Now I know him and so do you. So if you (again like me) you love rock and roll ,guitar riffs and ultimate throw down solos, plug in your headphones and listen to his new album ‘Creative Block’.

Released this year(2020). It has everything, Classic , modern, soul, electric , you name it Morrissey has covered it and with ease!

When I was introduced to his album my first thought was , FINALLY! Someone who knows what they’re doing. The artist blends and masters the art beautifully and like most talented guitarists in the industry doesn’t need any bravado to do so. No over the top backbending or head shaking theatrics. He doesn’t need it. So where has he been? And who is Alan Morrissey?

Starting at age 14 in 1992 he grabbed his first guitar and entered the world of Rock ! listening and inspired by the ultimate musicians like, Nuno Bettencourt (Lead guitarist from Boston rock band ‘Extreme’),Steve via (played for bands such as Whitesnake,Roth Band and Spinal tap …to name a few) and Mark Knophler.

Their unique style of gritty and rough guitar riffs and pure radiating electric set Morrissey on his way to become what he is today and with nods to the these artists in his own style throughout his album.

The Uk, Birmingham artist however did not peruse his talent but maintained it playing in a acid punk band whilst studying for a career of architecture at university.

It can be easy to wonder why he never perused it but it’s not uncommon. I can say first hand that when coming from a society that tells you there’s no money in arts etc you conform to the ethics of educational work in order to make a living.

I’m sure many artists out there would agree if your making music to become a star, your in the wrong game. However putting the logistics aside , Who Cares !

Because now, He’s here and after returning to the scene as recently as 3 years ago, Morrissey is serious about his craft and pursuing what he has always loved. All I can say it’s hats off to him because during all this time he has blown the cobwebs clean off my ears.


Album cover – Creative Block

Now …for the Album itself


First of all I’ll give you a low down of the tracks

Track list from Creative Block

It’s hard to know where to start as most of them are unique and stand alone in their tones and themes, however, my favorite of them for me would be ‘Groundswell’. Now this would be the gentlest of the tracks but being the melancholy kind of guy I am it fits perfectly between soft and yet epic, it’s what I call a “yen goosebump song”.”

This is not to say that the other tracks are not epic because the entire album is without exception.

‘In My Life’ is another classic bringing Jefferson Airplane vibes with great lead ups and elaborate chord play giving that dreamlike ‘beach’ vibe.

It reminds me of the nod to Mark Knophler in ways, as it has simple yet strong guitar leads but with an atmospheric background.

Now for the more Hardcore of you out there we have ‘Woman of no Nation’. This is a flat out symphony reminiscent of Aerosmith and those of the 80’s era, it just has that power quality with gritty bass and multi faceted chords. And that powerful Riff at the end makes your spine tingle.

Morrissey hasn’t forgot old school either because tracks like ‘Sludge Farm’, ‘Dreadnought’, ‘Rebel Cow’ and ‘Fresh Kills’ all have the well known sounds in classic rock that just catch our attention , slow , hard and rough! ( sorry for that but it’s true haha).

Now maybe he hasn’t covered modern contemporary Rock styles , I hear your say?…well you’d be wrong. Ofcourse he has he’s a professional. His tracks ‘Dropout Armageddon’ and ‘Idle Fears’ contain Morrissey portrayal of bands like Korn , System of a Down and Metallica…Hell Yes!!

Now if you need to know about all the tracks then you can go listen for yourself. Morrissey may have been underground for a time but he has resurfaced with the Gift of classic, Hard and endless Guitar genres all blended smoothly into one tremendous Rock Album.

It’s great to see people finally taking what they have and pushing it to the forefront and with the world going to shit ( again sorry but it’s true) we need Another great MORRISSEY in our lives.

There’s nothing more empowering than hearing that solo and letting your head wonder and this guy will definitely have you doing all these things ,both young and old !

Now if this review isn’t enough for you you can follow the artist and ‘fan out’ for yourself. You can find him on all social platforms and streaming outlets. You can also find his other EPs released called ‘All Guitar’ here.

For everything else go below and support this amazing talent to the spotlight he rightly deserves. It’s time we bring Rock Back and let the talent wash away the deadwood!

I thank Morrissey for his contribution to music and look forward to becoming a life long fan of his work.

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Thanks for Reading


As always ‘Feel it, Feed it!’

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