I “Feel You” , “Ribs”!

Feel you -cover art by Yenner

A long time follower and fan of this Rappers talent , Strat has been non stop pushing 90s soul right at us !

With singles like “Ribs” which just released, to his amazing collab single Featuring Matt Fou.

I’m always smiling when I see a new release due to the fact each song time after time never fails to please the aesthetic that is 90s rnb. It’s not only needed in today’s music but a must comeback for sure.

Now if your not familiar with Strats work you can find previous blogs introducing the artist HERE and HERE. (You’re welcome).

Ribs cover art vlonelymusic

Grab your sticky bbq sauce and let’s start with “Ribs”.

A track that lets his creative smooth flowing rap run free! With playful school like intro and chorus , you think you know what your getting until a switch changes the entire track into a 80s Hot Summer Anthem. You see this is what makes Strat brilliant in that the structure and feels get you straight away.

Your transported to 1980s Miami, Prince or Marvin Gaye type instrumentals with Strats effortless 90s bars and references.

It’s important to note that even though his genre is set, each song has its own distinct hook which has you humming it a few hours later. That’s what makes a good artist.

Both his latest track and earlier release “Feel You” with Matt Fou have a very 1980s flashback about it with the instrumentals and you instantly find yourself with the top down lady in the passenger. Red blurry neon lights and those humid nights (oh now I’m rhyming 😂) it’s contagious.


I will always keep pushing this artist not only for his persistence to spin track after track and never disappoint. Also how he stays true to his own style and keeps it OG which is something missing these days when every upcoming artist tends to find new trends to get noticed.

You want those Summer Vibes , Strat is where you will find them…for certain!

You can check all The artists social platforms here as well as his new releases. Be sure to follow and put Strat into the stratosphere (see what I did there 😉)


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