Crashed Featuring Mirandaclare: OUT NOW!!

Cover art by YENNER

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Over 3 months in the making Yenners gritty electro track has had a makeover!

‘Crashed’ originally dropped as an electronic track with his first album ‘ Visions’ in November of last Year.

Since then releasing over 4 Singles growing in the community and collaborating with talented artists near and far. It’s this integration into collaborating that led his path to the Australian Singer Songwriter Mairandaclare who has An acclaimed reputation already for effortless vocals and raw . Having already written, produced and sang in her own Album self titled ‘Mirandaclare’ released last year 2020.

Spotify Canvas feature – by Yenner (Spotify)

Combining the two together was almost symphonic. Her knowledge as an artist and singer enabled this track to truly become something entirely different and with perfectionism at the forefront of both her work ethic and YENNERs it has grown into an awe inspiring collaboration.

Not all people like the pop, the rock, or the Bass but more so the electric grit and sub tones of Lofi.

This track certainly has this element along with orchestra backings and baseline to flow through your vains.

Attuned to Mirandaclares’ ethereal techniques in harmonies. It’s a strong start for Collaboration and has already featured on BBC introducing aswell as first listen across 3 radio stations.

‘Crashed’ will be the first collaboration effort for Yenners newest album hoping to be released in the Summer of 2021.

With 5 other collaborations in the works. not to mention the lo-fi surprise ! that’s soon to drop also.

So if you don’t know eithers work be sure to check out all our links below and follow for new upcoming releases throughout the summer!

It’s an exciting time for us as artists and can only grow from strength to strength.

So go forth and follow, support and add to your playlists and get ready for a Music diverse Summer for everyone!

You can check out the new single HERE

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