Twisted Single Cover

Its here, the Preview EP TWISTED‘ will be Yenners 9th Single and with growth comes better mixing , better mastering and an all new take on what it is to produce , write and create your own music .

With a new Album currently being awaited and still being rectified and produced as we speak this EP drop is both Dark and heavy with current notes of the tradtional yen nostalgia mixed inside.

Its a Dangerous package with all the things that makes YENNER different.

Inspired by A neutralisation of humantiy both in creativity and art . Wether it be in fashion right down to politicis. Todays world is one he finds him self disassociated with.

Lost in a society of likes , follows and shallow responses. Where respect is lost and money is in charge for all things.

With this in mind it became apparent that perhaps the end of the world and distruction of man could be something that may actually happen. And that got him thinking ….what would that be like if some humans survived. would it be like the movies interpret ie. Mad max.

would there be people racing in burning cars and wearing sparkly underwear like burning man festivals or would it be desolate, empty with strange and fearful entiities lurking in the atmosphere.

Well whatever the case the question was …. what would they listen to ?

Knowing what he already does about longing , heartache and nostalgia reaches it became clear that that’s exactly what music humanity would want. Dark , troublesome and yet dangerous.

Times Up! single cover

The first Track brings the Creep factor to all those bringing in the Autumn and Halloween season, just seemed fitting. playing around with sound bytes, remixing carnival sounds and adding a strange concoction of orchestra build ups with cackling clown laughter.

its a fun town banger for sure and with a stark title like ‘ TWISTED’ it fits perfectly.

The hooks were also something that became more evident in this track due to how music is presented and promoted these days it was time for something that would instantly be recognised as YENNER.

The follow up track ‘ TIMES UP!’ alludes to the notion of extinction. surrounded by desert and rumbling overcast skies. The dreamlike wave of darkness is felt throughout this piece and has already picked up amazing feedback from multiple radio stations across the uk and online.


So now that you’ve been introduced to the new ERA of YENNER. how about we blow it up !

lets get lost in apocalyptic behaviour and smash out some bass blowing dust from our speakers.

you can follow YENNER below for all his singles , including his first album ‘Visions‘.

‘ Bringing the Future Forward with every single, I’m keeping my eye on this one.’

Amazing Radio Uk

Twisted released Friday 15th via Spotify and all other stream able platforms so be sure to go share and invite new yenners to the beginning of the end for Album release due in November.

  • If you would like to reach out to YENNER regarding his music and bookings feel free to do so via email –
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  • collaborations and playlists are also available via this website and twitter @yennerthe so be sure to email or private message for the experience.
  • your can buy Merchandise by visiting the store page through menu also and become a Fan for Life .

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