It’s Been a While…and here’s why.

Wanna know we’re I’ve been , it’s simple really, I could ask the same of you.

Life has returned to some kind of normality and with that comes a whole new whirlwind of new normals , from vaccines to new homes to promotions and family occasions. All within the boundaries of the “restrictions” (ugh gross).

Anyways that a brief summary. As many of you who follow my music and Twitter/Instagram feeds, you know most of these already. But I felt I owe it to you guys for all the support and success in growing an amazing streaming service and support network with eachother.

This past year has not been easy, not by a long shot and many of us are still figuring out how to sustain both work, passions and success. I’ve watched people grow into fantastic artists and they’re growth and it’s such a testament to the building blocks of everyone.

I’ve even found my own growth quite remarkable and am constantly humbled by the consistent work, collaborations and inspirations you all give to me on a daily basis.

I’ve found a home and safe haven where I can truly be free to express and release the yen.

It has been challenging however with the demands of work life and home life along with trying to keep the wheel turning on all my artistic journey aswell as help support others especially when it came to curating playlists such as YNR stream. Which is a success for all artists in and of itself. The support and help it has provided from you guys will forever be astronomical to me and Thankyou.

In recent days I have announced the departure from this weekly outlet atleast for now due to workload if I’m honest. But also time for me to get back to where this all really began and that was experimenting with music again.

Finding my feet and understanding the techniques and skills that go along with it. I feel it’s important to grow in all aspects o ppl but in order to do so sometimes you have to provide space when it’s lacking in areas. This was one of those moments where as irritating and upsetting as it is it’s only right to create more of my own stuff in order to settle my fire for music and creating.

So let it be known to all of you who have been there from the start to recent. It will return just not so soon. However all other creative outlets like artwork , music ,certain playlists and this will continue from time to time. Music coming first ofcourse .

So if you were a follower for the love of expression ,music and artistry stick around for what’s to come an Album,Ep and hopefully more in the next coming months.

I hope it is an improvement on where I started and I’m open for collaborations , artwork and reviews if your interested. Let’s get them creative juices flowing again 😁

Promo for twisted out October 2021

Ofcourse for those of you who where in it for the streams I can only apologise for the short break but I promise it will return soon

Stay tuned for more updates

And as always remember to

Feel it! Feed it !

  • You can Find more updates often music , Artworks etc on Instagram .(below)
  • Want to Collaborate and join the journey, you can Dm Or email with the link below or visit the contact page.
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