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Mysterious, below the radar and yet….Genius!

Every March has an album out that will fans I ate and intrigue every fibre in your eardrums.

The reason I live doing this so much is the enthrallment of being able to find obscure and talented artists that pop up without warning and this guy is one of them.

Originally one of the memebers from “The Vals”, Barry Shields (EveryMarch) has managed to create music that will ransack your senses. Influenced by Artists such as Daniel Johnson, Conor Oberst, well known Lo-if artists combined with the acoustic and tempo rhythm of Damon Albarn, Beck and Pavement ( All amazing artists btw you should add them to your eye-opening search).

Having been and played in a band that has opened for Paul Weller on tour as well as other honour able acquaintances it’s safe to say that Mr Shields knows a thing or two about music and composing it too.

However with his newest track under his own artist name ‘Every March’ “Bird Eye View” can be heard as unique in its own right , full of musical embellishing and oddly alternative.

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So if your a person who likes the unknown , obscure but yet fresh and bursting with creativity. Every March has this and more. With this track already receiving massive critical appraisal from peers at Northern Irelands Music Awards . There’s nothing left to be said .

Go check out Every March and there latest Album ‘Bird Eye View’ HERE aswell as there previous singles to date !

As always thanks for reading and supporting the underground artists.

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