Into the Abyss : 9 A.M the Underdog

Artwork of artist by YENNER

From the East coast comes this Fire breathing Rapper/Singer and lyricist 9A.M the Underdog.

Spitting bars and flowing rhymes that would rival the best in the business, he has stormed his way into the industry with his most recent album ‘ Into the Abyss’.

Having a brief love for all genres sometimes it’s good to just chill out , relax and just flow to some good lyrics with deep bass and impactful melodies and this artist has definitely got it.

We all know with music being as it is today almost anyone can produce,write and rap and throw a track out and rappers especially are a dime a dozen. But every once in a while our ears prick up and suddenly all fears of a diluted industries subside as pure raw talent burst through.

9A.M being most definitely one of these artists for sure.

Having listened to the latest release from last year almost instantly I was certain of a professional.

From cultural referenced music to Spanish and English flowing bars. Combine this with heavy baseline to drown the noise in your mind and catchy hooks to breakup the melodies 9A.M has insured that the album itself is well constructed from start to finish.

Noted tracks that caught my attention were tracks like ‘Win’ , ‘Today(Grind)’ and ‘Friends’ .

Lullaby intros get you listening before the sudden baseline vibrates to your core. He spits like a pro and his lyrics have such impact when you dive deeper. With his influences ranging from the pros like Eminem , J.Cole and Kanye I also noted styles by the more contemporary like Drake and even Kendrick.

Bigger noted tracks like ‘Cold Nights’ , ‘Whitegirl’ and ‘Big’. Have major potential to stand out with some original traditional Spanish instrumentals that blend perfectly with his modern style and strong rhythm.

Track list for Into the Abyss by 9A.M the Underdog

‘Big’ is a a blast throughout and as the ending to the Album it goes with a bang. Haunting violin currents and even an audio snips by Beyoncé to set the tone and message.

The artists has said he wants to be a voice for ‘introverted kids.’ Which in itself shows that he has the passion and drive to be a firm player in the industry and likability with his fans. His lyrics also reflect this notion with every word and line thought out and planned from verse to bridge.

Just as I was about to loose faith entirely in the rap genre of music I can honestly say it’s been restored. If you also find yourself struggling to find the new up and coming stars with potential to blow up. 9A.M the underdog will be one to add to your playlists.

Into the Abyss – Album cover by 9A.M Underdog

So now you have the inside scoop on some of their tracks get into their socials , share the love and vibe out this year on this Album. Also I’ve been told their could be an up and coming Album to add to the mix so stay tuned.

You can find all links to the artist and their Albums, singles and EPs below.

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The Yenner.

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