Motion Sickness : Beholder

Album cover for Beholder

Rising to the surface of the Music Producing industry is this master in the making Motion Sickness.

If your a lover of sweet symphonies, whispering female vocals and drifting sub bass here is where you’ll find home.

This beautiful Album ‘Beholder’ is a testament to the artists craftsmanship and creative stylings showing diversity ,knowledge and skill through and through.

Introduced to music at a young age Motion Sickness’ first introduction to music and instruments was first through his fathers karaoke nights with friends,and second on vacation where he got his hands on his first guitar.

From then on it flowed throughout his life resulting in a Pursuit of band placements, buying his own instruments and becoming a drummer for various ensembles and highschool projects also.

As he got older and settled down and had a family his work life and everyday pursuits pushed the music career on the back burner for several years.

Artist/music producer – Motion Sickness

Fortunately for us with the silver lining that was 2020, He’s back and with such force you’ll all pay attention.

After a long conversation with former vocalist and Dj as-well as listening to an artist called Diplo. His curiosity got the better of him and his passion became reignited by delving further into the music producers work and decided himself to take the lane also.

And thank god he did, listening to Beholder, Motion sickness feels like he’s always been here. The sheer professional touch and orchestrations of his pieces leave you floored that he’s only started from as early as last year.

His first single release ‘Way you Feel’ dropped September of 2020 and since then we have been blessed to have two albums and his latest single release ‘Alive’.

A fan of the Etherial ethergy era and the musings of artists like Ellie Goulding and Billie Eilish’s vocals wrapped around a summer anthem . I’m hooked !

Latest Single and Cover – Alive

Tracks such as ‘Retort’, ‘Falsifier’ and ‘Proselyte’

All send you reeling to the skies with angelic female vocals and synthetic Lofi bass. My favourite of the collection is ‘Ether’, the title makes perfect sense and the vocals mixed with the funky piano opener to the Lilly Allen lullaby qualities are crisp and beautiful.

‘Intuition’ also has a hand in giving trap like bass supported by hard hitting lyrics to soothe your ears.

It’s clear to see that when the artist explains his love for Rock and Heavy Metal why bass and vibration is key to the unique style he brings to the table here. Although we are in a different genre entirely there are still the shuttle hints of hard drops and gritty guitar riffs to keep the originality and his first love current to the listener which I love completely in an artist.

I have been a fan now of Motion Sickness for some time now and I find myself inspired by his own creative collection and if you want to discover the same dreamlike euphoria you’ll get to know his work too.

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more rave reviews on this artist and to that I say ‘About time!’

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