Float away on Handro.

Single Cover – HANDRO

Now this is a track I’m feeling so hard right now.

With all the different concepts and rhyme artists in music these days it’s becomes repetitive and same to be honest.

The Montreal artist HANDRO however changes the game and brings us back to pure quality lyrics, rhythmic bounce and shoulder poppin music stylings and adds a unique and diverse style to the Rap/Trap and Hip Hop industry. Which is so refreshing !

I love when an artists know there flow, there strengths and how to construct and blend it all together to perfection and HANDRO’s new track ‘Float Away ’ is a perfect example of talent combined.

From the psychedelic opening chimes to the smooth dream like breaks in between. For a summer tune it has all the qualities to make you want to pack up with friends and go hangout at the beach and chill.


Aside from the music the artists ability to flow lyrics effortlessly is a testament to HANDRO’s talent and professionalism in the industry and the rhyme is catchy and quite frankly addictive.

I wouldn’t miss out on this hit and if you want something to get you high this summer then ‘Float Away’ is the track to add to your summer playlists this year.

You can check out all of this amazing artists info on the links below !

As always thanks for reading

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