Lost (失われた) is Found!

Lost artwork by YENNER

The new track by YENNER is here and it’s finally on release on all available platforms !

Mixed with the world traditional Japanese instrumentals and mixed with the unique beats and bass of Yenner this track is one to send your melancholy on a roller coaster.

I was inspired to create this piece for lost of reason partly for my love of the notes sounds and also to dip my toes in the lily ponds of Japan metaphorically.

The video itself blends both of these factors the fast pace of Japan vs the old traditional country backdrops to flow along with this piece.

Promo of Music video for Lost available on YouTube (HERE)

Already having been picked up by curators on amazing radio and with over 200 streams so far before release it’s gotten great reviews that I am so humbled to receive.

I hope you enjoy getting ‘Lost’ in the elements of my track.

You can find all other links below includingMusic Video .

Yenner 🙏🏻

  • If you want to hear more music by Yenner visit his Spotify below .
  • You can visit his music reviews page of other upcoming and current artists via menu or homepage.
  • Collabs are also available in Artwork and Music just Dm on social or email for more info.
  • Always remember to subscribe , share and follow for more updates from TheYenner.org.


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