Craig Cohen : Six feet under the Underground

Artwork for track

If your a sucker for the musical journeys and occasionally a full instrumental breakdown to ease your senses, this artists got you covered.

New on scene from August 2020 with his first full length release ‘Catalina Rush.’ Craig Cohen has cemented himself in the world of audio explosions.

Inspired by various genre of artists such as The Beach Boys, Ramones, Steely Dan to Black Sabbath. Cohen has used such influences to drive his passion to create and submerge himself in the technical adventures of sound .

His latest track ‘ Six feet under the Underground’ can be described as a mix of digital ether-gees and glitchy gaming tracks. With an undertone of those previously mentioned artists. For me I get subtle hints of the Doors in parts.

In never ceases to amaze me just how creative people can be when you find an artist who’s able to blend genres that usually one would never think of. Also to be able to blend them effortlessly is an art form in itself.

Ofcourse with Cohen it’s no surprise that he masters in this topic after graduating with a degree in Audio Recording Technology.

It’s these skills that can be noted throughout his work. Effortlessly moving from one genre to another whilst still keeping the balance of flow alive.

The Family Man from Las Vegas, Nevada is quoted in saying ,

“I’m looking to connect with creative listeners who enjoy going on musical adventures.”

Craig Cohen

He has hit the nail on the head. Being one for listening to instrumentals I love exploring where music can go rather than were it’s been. What can be achieved with experimentation and the journey you find when listening to pieces created by artists like Cohen.

If you haven’t heard his new Track or the previous releases then get to it !!

You can find all links to his tracks through Bandcamp(click here for promo code for album – code :wpke-5m8e) aswell as an additional promo code for his Album. For all other links just see below .

All other Links Here

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