Kippysmuse : Emptiness Alive


Want to experience some raw , Folk/Indie Talent at its best ! Here you go.

Kippysmuse (Pseudonym),( real name Kris D Marsden) is a Northern Irish artist,who’s experience and talented accolades have spanned the past decade. With soft edged vocals and gritty acoustics his music gives you all the playful vibes needed for you’re inner yearning and love of music.

He first started his soaring career in 2011 with the help of ‘MySpace’ (earlier Facebook for the Gen Z fans). It was here that Marsden created his first track which was released in 2014 for a charitable cause ‘Aware,Defeat Depression’ which raised considerable money and placed him firmly in the spotlight of the music industry.

Since then He has released 2 Albums, ‘MY #9’ Album in 2017 and Free from Form’(2019). With Ep’s ‘Burn my World’(2020). Which have all received raving reviews.

His latest release is by far my favourite, ‘Emptiness Alive’ is a delicate and yet melancholic single. Maintaining its flow that is Kippysmuse, but has that deep undertone of lo-fi and 90’s ethergy in there also.

“Blossoms into a big Melancholic track.”


It also has a very distinct growing quality throughout you find yourself slowly drifting with it like your eyes watching the tide come in. It’s a fantastic, well constructed piece of music and talent that showcases kippysmuse in his finest.

Along with this release he has a third album on the way, Due to be released in March/April (2021) as part of a crowd fund for his first release on Vinyl. He’s hoping that he can use this time to record tracks throughout various heritage sights across Northern Ireland, and being from here also, thats a lot of ground to cover. However I think Kippysmuse has hit the nail on the head when it comes to synchronicity both in where he chooses to record and also his music abilities.

It’s hard to define what his music fits into, which essentially (in my eyes)is what makes a great artist. They’re unique and they can only be defined as themselves, raw and talented in their custom genre.

B-Side Vinyl design by YENNER

Throughout Kippysmuses music You’ll find it packed with emotion that is deep and very real. That’s the ‘raw’ part, but it’s filled with soft and subtle lyrics to display it. Which in any genre is hard to master.

In a way it’s the best quality to have as an artist, being able to mix the personal and still make it flow effortlessly.

“There are no plastic emotions here.”

Encore NI

Kippysmuse displays this perfectly on his B side to ‘Emptiness Alive’ with its track ‘Bodhi & Me’ which is inspired and dedicated to his own daughter Bodhi. It’s a spiritual journey musically, and came to fruition on a journey in Portugal during their Day of the Dead festival.

This is what inspires me about Kippysmuse is that he is a one of a kind original.

Although this is used a lot these days in the music industry. When we cut down to it, It’s a rare thing to both have and portray. Marsden has that unique quality in both his acoustics and lyrics. ‘Bodhi & Me’ can be streamed exclusively to kippysmuse Bandcamp or digital pre-order.

With producers like the acclaimed Phil d’Alton,(Joshua Burnside,Sam Wickens) and the studios of Hill House in Belfast at this artists side, I can’t wait to see what he does next and brings forth in his third album. It’ll be one for the calendar.

Kippysmuse is most definitely one to watch and add to your collections. If you haven’t heard of him already then you can check out all valuable links below and be sure to follow this artist. You won’t regret it.

Thankyou for reading

And remember what to do with your inner ‘yen’ …

“Feel it, Feed it!’



If you would like to work with Kippysmuse then you can find all artist details on their website.(click here)

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