Straight out of Stratland!

Strat the artist – artwork by YENNER

Time to kickstart our new year with some new Artist music blog. And this artist is the comeback king we’ve all been waiting for.

Strat from Stratland Records has been around close to two 2 decades and has returned with their new track ‘Kerplunk’.

This Rap and freestyle artist originating from Rapid City, South Dakota, has been in the game long enough to catch acclaimed notoriety from their peers and it’s not stopping. In fact this comeback promises to be fresher and more original than before.

Their new track has all the elements that are more notable to the artist, involving the old and the new, flow and bars. To revive anyone’s love for the old school hip-hop and those who delve into freestyle rhyme of today.

Inspired by the Golden era of R&B, artists like N.A.S , 2pac,Biggie Smalls or SnoopDogg. Strat has not only grew up listening to these icons on his dads records but has mastered the style and made it his own. In this track it is profoundly old school however inspired by more modern artists like Kendrick Lamar , 2 Chainz and Drake, Strats lyrics show versatility by diversifying the old with the new. References to pop culture and life lessons of today show that this artist knows how to blend and flow. showing years of experience in his works.

“It’s about honesty,real life,both the ups and downs.The good and the bad.”


Now with most rap and rhyme artists of today we find that the music industry is lacking in more originality and reality and I have to say it’s refreshing to hear something fresh and yet melancholic in sound and skill.

Strat has not only honed his talent but has also fought his demons to create his place in the industry.

Creating his name and status in Denver,Colorado. He signed up with the cities well renowned underground labels featuring in music videos, gigs and rap battles earning quite the reputation in the area. Early mixtapes like “Stratland begins” and “Stratland returns” solidified his foundation to work on and grow as an artist.

Alongside of this in life Strat fell into addiction with alcohol as can usually happen when perusing the music career lifestyle. As his work grew so did his alcoholism. However his tenacity to fight for himself is what creates a strong talented individual and after 15 years of work and struggle He returned to a Rapid City with a clear mind and attitude ready to create his best work to date.

His story of mixed ethnicity also gives this artist another layer to him and his personal strive to be the best. Growing up as “different” the artist claims this only made him stronger and more determined to fight the diversity and grow it into something beautiful and true. He quoted a famous line.

“If you don’t believe in your own greatness,no one else will”

Kevin heart

And went on to say, “greatness is derived from the journey and not the result.”

I couldn’t agree more. If not for his music then his climb to achieve what the artist has is a testament to this.

Stratland- Artwork by YENNER

If you haven’t heard Stratland then my suggestion is kick off 2021 with a journey through their career and current music and ventures. After listening to their latest track ‘Kerplunk’ I was transported to a place of comfort and chill almost immediately. It’s time we brought the blend of old and new back to the rap and hip-hop industry and no better place to start than with this artist.

Kerplunk cover – by Stratland Records

All links to Stratlands music and label can be visited and seen below. It’s been a pleasure to review and share this artists resume and I think I will be checking in a lot more in the future .

Links to Stratland music :

As always reader Thankyou for continued support and as always

“Feel it, Feed it.”

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