Back with for a New year and a fresh attitude, YENNER is returning with newly mixed , mastered and set track to enter into a new Era of yen.

If you are already a fan of the album ‘Visions’, then you’re in for a fresh new sound from the artist.

Visions Album on Spotify

Featuring fractured vocals and rumbling baseline this track gives you the nostalgic longing feels and also a in-depth perspective on what has been a tough year or more.

The Single ‘So Far’ is set to release on the 17th of January this year and will be followed by an album this coming spring/summer.

Promo Video

Now that the ground has been set for further music ventures its safe to say it will be a continuous endeavor for the future.

It’s been an eventful year for the Yenner and although it has had its trials it has blossomed into this ever growing art form. From blogs to Artwork, Music reviews and now his own Music platform.

All these things mould into the Yenner brand and it is with great pride in followers and fans and sportsmanship that YENNER presents this new single to you for the coming year.

So if you haven’t already got to hear the sounds of Yenner be sure to go check him out aswell as there ever growing playlist selection on Spotify.

For all other things regarding the Artist/Designer and there work, check out links below.

You can also find and view all Music Videos also via YouTube.

YENNER thanks you for all your support and hopes this next year will bring solace to those who’ve lost , and Success to those who’ve strived.

Keep feeding that inner Yen …..Feel it! Feed it!



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