Limited or prohibited


Hello Yenners, it’s been a while.

As you may have seen or heard there have been other projects in the pipeline over the past couple of months which have put my blogs at a standstill.

However I will not apologise for this. It is important to those who are creative and expressive to be able to have full focus and mindset on what they want to achieve this, and sometimes limiting your outlets can help give more presence and quality material in other platforms. If you haven’t been around like myself you can check out what I’ve been up to here

Okay, now that I have explained my departure let’s get to the matter in hand….WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!


we are now into a new year and the treadmill is still running with nobody at the helm. A vaccine perhaps but a solution ….hardly.

With all this absolute tripe being spewed daily and all personal lives , hopes and possibilities on pause the question now is how on earth do we achieve anything being locked up.

When I created this site over half a year ago or more, it seemed like a silver lining to what was a shockwave of life as we know it. To be able to spread some sort of wing in regards to creativity seemed freeing. With everyone on the same boat also it allowed support and communities to grow exceedingly and provide a doorway of expression.

Now moving forward a few months, the prospect of not being able to support a job in the world became bleak and with people’s creative aspects becoming more at the forefront, people began to feel that maybe there was a new way to earn a living whilst also shutting away from the doomsday book we now live amongst.

Artwork, Music, Marketing and bloggers alike all come to grips with analytics, promoting and the internet market place. This can be said for me also as I have now a market for most of my endeavors which, if your interested? You can check them out. Both my store for merchandise and also for artwork.

As the line we trek becomes narrower and the light that keeps growing and dwindling each newsflash. Suddenly we find ourselves not only limited in our social circles but also in our work online. More and more people cop-on to the “create at home” idea and before you know it the puddle has now become a ocean your wading through.

Wannabe promoters and scammers at every turn and people only interested for their own gain and not for the love of the work.


I found myself becoming tired, weary and artistry draining fast.

It wasn’t until mid October that I began to realize I had become lost in the dark waters. It was time to regain control and be free of this prohibiting lock. So I scrapped the obsessive need for likes , follows and purchases and went back to the beginning. I wanted to learn something new so I began to experiment with music and how the industry works. I began to look into different ways I could showcase my talents and I did so whenever and however I felt.

Neon stride – YENNER

No limiting insights as to how many people where reading or how many liked or followed content. Just pure creating and posting.

Now although this seems like giving up it was not, I’ve learnt a lot and grew my knowledge and gained more outlets in the process.

It’s important to realize that when you feel stuck or when you have your hands tied by circumstances, it’s up to us to break the pattern.

Moan all you want to, but regardless wether your at home, low income or perhaps alone. You have the choice to change all things that you find limit you or prohibit you from growing as a human being.

Now that said, one thing I would like to note is that circumstances have changed the climate we live and how we communicate and it has also shone a light on selfish behavior, lack of tolerance and overall sportsmanship. This can be evident both when trying to grow your community online or not being able to control our current predicament regarding pandemics. Oh the irony!

We may be told we can’t do this or you can’t do that …blah…blah. But IF (and is stress if) you have common sense, know how to stay safe and not be a reckless whilst also holding an IQ then you will start to see although life seems to have stopped. This does not mean you as a person are limited in either thought, growth, creativity or otherwise.

  • Alone….Zoomcall
  • Energetic….excercise
  • Want to share opinions?…blog or podcast
  • Feeling emotional or nostalgic…create art, music etc

Never give up, never let those who runs country control your thoughts and expectations on your own life. Help where you can, smile as much as you can, laugh even if it’s by yourself. Turn the television off and dance in your pants if it helps.

Anything,ANYTHING can help break the confides the world has pushed upon us.

In history most of our leading poets, art and songs have been created. Movements have shifted how we perceive and live for generations. Icons and legends alike have built there bases sitting in their hubbles during difficult times. Wars , pandemics , recessions. They persevered and held on. Limited at every turn by neh sayers , politicians and society and now their creativity and lack of inhibitions allowed space for change.

I hope that we learn to support and help more especially now we all have only one outlet to express ourselves. Nobody gets anywhere alone and it’s important that if you want your creativity to grow, you also have to help those who want the same. We also need to keep our word and commit when making collaborations and working at our concepts. Integrity is something we need to keep in order to come out the other side both stronger, experienced and grown.

So as we start off slow and steady this year let’s all scrap the ‘Limited or prohibited’ for ‘Growing and succeeding’.

Thankyou for reading

Oh and Happy 2021 Yenners, and as always …Feel it. Feed it!

The Yenner 🎊

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