Notora – Silverscreen

Notora- Silverscreen

It’s so refreshing to discover a band that has all elements of talent from fresh , well written lyrics to riffs , rolls and solo guitar. Well Notora have done it again ! This time with their latest track ‘Silverscreen’ set to be released Dec 11th on Spotify.


Having been a fan for some time now and reviewing past tracks like ‘Brother’, which you can find here.

They have caught the attention of many a good ear in music and the industry. The Welsh band started their journeys in March of this year and are well on their way to becoming set in stone as formed fully realised band.

‘Silverscreen’ is slightly different to their previous tracks but it is so much more in its aesthetic. Reminiscent of the early 90’s rock genre, bands such as Nirvana or the heavier nods to Metallica, Korn or System of a Down can be noted throughout this track.

If you are a child of that period, as I was , then all the yen for hard gritty underworld rock flashes back into existence. Their full force riff opening and bass that will rattle your core have all the makings of a solid rock anthem.

Artists, Dylan , Darren & Sam

Their lyrics and front lead singer Dylan along with Sam and Darren give meaningful narrative along with dark and grime like tones throughout the song and you get treated to an epic guitar solo to send you on your journey towards the latter of the track.

It is well worth the time to invest in these well versed guys and if you don’t know them already I would check out their work in the links below and previous blog reviews which I’ve just mentioned.

I’m glad we’ve been treated to this epic rock anthem in time to bring in a new year, it’s perfect to get your energy levels and yen where it needs to be when ringing in the new year. Or your can rock out over your turkey at Christmas …your call.

Either way I’m going to leave you all the links and Notora feels to truly make you a supporter and fan. You can check out their Chats and other tracks on their YouTube all other links are below to follow of social.

Band title and logo

If you want to check out the new single then you’ll have to go save the date to listen and feel the sensation for yourself. Trust me when I say it’s worth it!

As always thanks for reading our reviews and blogs and no matter what the expression is art,music or blogs …

Feel it! Feed it!

TheYenner 💻

Notora links


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