Available on Spotify ‘Visions’ is the newest yen spread in media. Variety from Dance , transient to lo-if chill it embellishes all the energy needed to escape the hectic confusion, unwind and feel.

If you’d like to see a description of each track you can do so here.

With 11 tracks to choose from you’ll be sure to find something to catch your vibe and allow your artistic expression to flow.


The Yenner has slowly progressed from one dynamic to another and although bloggers , artists and musicians may all think your jumping ship. Music has always been the forefront and soundtrack to YENNERS creative styles. Without it most of the blogs and designs may well have never existed or this website may have never have come into fruition.

So if you haven’t already go check YENNER out on all music platforms Spotify , SoundCloud , Youtube and more for first listens and music videos.

You can even check out the Yenners inspirations in music by following their Spotify playlists :

Yenners Play


Yen on Low

Yenner Pump Up

Yen On Heat


So while you listen to the beats makesure to follow on all platforms , share with others to create euphoric memories and continue to share the Yen guys.

As always it’s been a tough year but everything happens for a reason and I’m glad that this is where I find myself couldn’t be happier to share these creations with you.

So until next time remember

Feel it! Feed it!


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  • You can be part of the Yen by wearing merchandise and gifts from Theyennerstore via the menu( makesure to post and let us know)
  • You can also collaborate or use the Yenners services via contact form and email (link below)


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