So I thought I’d take a beat from all the music , edits and social antics we all strive to in order to boost profile and spread our opinions and thoughts.

Today was a little different for myself, I found myself staring at the walls and wondering what the point of it all was. I don’t know wether it was the weather outside , the lack of inspiration or the dread and dullness that is our current climate.

I thought about why it has become so difficult for people who strive for creation and expressionism, find it difficult to share and find other people who have the same thoughts and appreciate the content and personal depths to contributions via media.

This is a serious point in the fact that society have become so far removed from what it’s like to share and care. Instead thanks to corporate overtakes and arrogant and vindictive power holders. We all are now subjected to ‘sell’ ourselves short. Media marketing ‘drop links’ followers and likes and shares and hashtags until our creative brain and expression withers in the sea of selfish society.


It’s been 5 months since I began my venture into the blogosphere and design elements so I understand I have a long way to go as yet in regards to brand accomplishments or growing a big community.

If like me you have at an early age been a dreamer then the word no and constant rejection is never too far away. After university I had all the skills and tools to start young and begin a flowering life into the creative unknown. Unfortunately I would be subject to I’ll health , relationship delusions and people thoughts and opinions. To the point where I would subjectively look at my goals and think how realistic they actually where and how small I actually was in comparison to the 6 or 7 billion others like me.

It took me to find my confidence and a healthy support system to pick myself up off my feet and push myself again. However it’s been a deca later and the chances to use your early talents at this technology explosion can sometimes be harrowing.

I look at television and watch people the same age as myself who started off playing video games on a retro YouTube platform and now they own lambo’s and became megastars with their decade learning process.

Yes this is not the happy hour lucky blogs I usually post but I feel I’m not alone. We are in the midst of a pandemic which has forced people to resort to who they once were in a way and also create, write and orchestrate on social media thinking it’ll be a new way for them to source income and maybe build the life they wanted.

Now it’s not all doom and gloom as I have made connections that have allowed me to design and create for companies etc which is amazing and through this I have gotten to hear artists that have blown my musical mind and writers and poetry I would never have graced unless I had started here so that’s beneficial.

As a creative and expression aspect it’s enlightening for me as a person and designer but as a job?… is it feasibly possible. Have we missed the 21st century technology job train ?

This is a fear I hold especially since the competition is thick and the world is closing work and our way of life little by little every day with the pandemic.

Now with all this said I would like to point out that I will not stop now that I have started of course as it is of a personal benefit to myself and mental state and it gives me great pleasure when others share the same sentiment. It’s also vitally important as artist never or give up and believe in your passion.


It was just a thought that occurred today that I thought sharing was best. Me and husband will be celebrating our first year of married life this December and with that you tend to look back at the last year that should be filled with exciting, creative and travel blogs. But alas we had no choice but to stay out for a while. We instead grew what we live into this beautiful thing today.

It is however such a strange time and wanting to do more, something different , no longer 9-5 and be appreciated for becoming a designer by trade.

Life would certainly be easier if everyone actually did genuinely like and follow for your content or perhaps want to grow the necessary platforms to grow something new and exciting.

Perhaps there’s too many of us out there ? Maybe everyone has the same thoughts and don’t think they need to give a helping hand to those they don’t think need it.

The truth is that today everyone wether it’s what they wear, their relationships or their very politics unless it serves them then who are you?

We do have the slight shimmer of hope now that the drive with creativity is so great and to be honest artists to tend to care and know exactly what you express. It’s a younger generation out there who never knew what it was like to get somewhere by word or mouth or what social media used to be before we had it our fingertips. And that frightens me because they have grown in a world where a like button and a heart has become a passive need from others rather than a genuine thought process .

So where do we creators of content stand in all of this? Well I guess it’s up to us. Community is what it states and the year 2020 has shown exactly what ignorance and selfishness looks like and hopefully with the glimmer of hope with the new president elect in America we can turn this ship around.

Support eachother, share with others and offer services to help eachother express and shine.

It’s a simple element to helping but it’s one that has been put aside for computers and futile judgements.

So although today has been a strange and worrying one it won’t deter me from creating and it will become a priority to keep the passion flowing regardless of the social structures and ‘like’ hunger that consumes most of us.

Hopefully this will not be the same for a lot of you out there and I’m more than willing to accept the feedback where and when needed. Like I said what’s to be gained if we don’t offer instead of expecting.

Thankyou for your time Yenners I appreciate everyone that still here and for those that are still joining it really does bring validation and I truly love making content that helps feed that yen inside our souls.


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