The Golden Hour – Memoirs of a future I.

The Golden Hour – Yenner edit

The golden hour came to my attention not only for their music but for the story behind this artists music and lyrics.

When looking for artists to review and share content I always look for that something that has an outreach and message to convey.

Matteo Zandonella Bolco, the main artist behind The Golden Hour shares his lyrics open and raw with his audience. Sharing his message of struggling mental health and losing yourself. His album, ‘Memoirs of a future I’ which is due to drop next year, was written and created to share his story and build a sense of hope for the listener. The single of the same name will be released later this year in October.

With two singles already released both an instrumental called ‘Neon Chase’ and the recent single, ‘ The Dance’ bleed the emotions that this artist feels and you can hear it in every sentence.

In regards to the music itself the influences chase that of 80s synth music from, ‘New Order’ to ‘Aha’ and hints of ‘Tears for Fears.’

His raw vocals remind me of Spandau ballet with strong held notes and piercing lines.

Here is a small piece from the latest single…

The Dance – The Golden Hour

The Yenner all started with me and a longing feeling for something that doesn’t exist words such as ‘subdade’ or ‘Yen’ can be used to describe this emotion or feeling and one of the things that drew me to this new artist was when he described his music as Natsukashii, which is also a Japanese word describing the same feeling.

His story almost mirrors my own and it’s what made me decide to create TheYenner fo those who wish to express themselves and share inspiration for others and to provide a place for people to communicate and appreciate the undergoing music scene .

Art is a form that can be easily narrated into ‘popular’ conformity but with Yenners like The golden Hour it’s a chance to push for more expression , talent and openness about struggle, life and feeding your yen.

“Emotions strive to be untangled ….It’s hard to go forwards without stepping back.”

The Dance

To be able to share such deep lyrics as this and still be able to create a synth pop feel is artistry at its best. It may be this artists first experimentation but I feel they will become a force and part of a Yenner movement.

Trust me when I say there is high hopes for this artist.

The dance – re-edit TheYenner

Thankyou for reading here are all links to The Golden Hours Social Media enjoy 😎

Makesure to follow The golden hour on all platforms and remember Feel it. Feed it.

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