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Ever have one of those days where the nostalgia hits and all of a sudden your yenning for a genre of music you haven’t heard in ages. Not only are you searching through old bands but you also want to find a fresh band with call backs to a better quality of music…a revival if you will.

Well look no further.

Dylan, Sam and Darren -Notora

Meet Notora. They are a North Wales based band that have recently been brought to my attention. And for good reason.

Their collection of Alt-rock instrumentals and insane vocals have made this trio one to watch in my books.

Notora who were previously known as Cry (links below) have collabed with eachother in various creations over the years since 2011 at the young age of 15. Before I delve into the history of how they came to be let’s talk about the music.

These talented musicians have managed to add each of their own styles and genre of music to form what could be the next wave in Rock music. With tones sending me back to the late 90s and early 00s we get a taste of something both nostalgic and yet…fresh, which is just exciting to be honest.

Bands like Radiohead, Panic at the Disco, Greenday , Radiohead , Incubus etc all surge into memory after hearing these lads get into their groove.

Having already secured their place in the music world introducing ‘We are scientists’ at one of their concerts aswell as featured music on BBC, these guys have their foot well and truly in the game.

Altogether they have released 2 EPS and 2 singles over the span of last 4 years and I feel guilty for only just finding them. Their first EP ‘Catch the Sun’, belonging to their previous band name ‘Cry’ featured songs that immediately brought me back to my early twenties and further.

Illusive Jeremy )lis the first track and the first things that strike is the confident music solos and crystal clear vocals lead by frontman and guitarist Dylan. Now if you ever lived in the days of jet black hair , lip piercings and black and white striped wrist bands then go emerge yourself in some well deserved bliss with these guys.

The intense drum roll , slow lead ins and major guitar riffs at the beginning of some of their tracks are just down right brilliant. Along with well written lyrics.

Their 2nd Ep ‘ Brontide’ in 2017 brought two new singles to my playlist called, ‘Tether’, and ‘Charades.’ The band have said that some of their elements of music go back to bands such as Pink Floyd or Bad company. Well I agree these songs have both an element of the conventional styles mixed with some experimental vocals and sounds that combine well with the alt-rock genre.

Now it’s 2020 and these guys are bringing the big guns. With a newly release single called . ‘ Brother’ which dropped 14th of August this year and a previous single called ‘stay’ which was released a few months previous.

Their fresh and new approach blends both what they have done previously and where they are intending to go for the future career as artists.

Here are just short clips of both singles …you can find the links below also.

Stay- Notora 2020
Brother (new release this month!) – Notora

You can find this band touring most parts of the North west of England aswell and north wales along with their loyal followers and fans.

I can only wish to hear more from them in forthcoming months. And hopefully with Notora comes more alt-rock music to bring back talented artists with great melodies and quality lyrics. It’s bands like this one that keeps my hopes high and inner Yenner strong to know that all is not lost in the music world and in fact if you keep your ears open, you could find a song or sound that hi TSS that sweet spot for you.

Latest single cover – Brother by Notora

If you want to know where to follow them and hear their personal playlists, music videos and interviews check them out on the social icons below or listen to them on Spotify.

Thankyou for reading this review and Thankyou to Dylan,Sam and Darren for sharing their music not only with TheYenner but to the world , it’s refreshing and we’ll needed in our current climate keep rockin onwards!

Until next times keep searching for that Yen feeling ….Feel it. Feed it.

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